Elevate Children's Ministry


SFC takes seriously the church's responsibility to its children and their families, so children's ministries are a priority. The spiritual life and nurture of children are critical to their personal destinies and to the future of the church as a whole. SFC is an extended family where children are loved unconditionally and integrated into the active life of the church. All God's children are uniquely created and SFC responds with programs and learning opportunities to meet individual needs.

Birth  - Crawlers

Let our dedicated childcare workers take care of your children in a safe and nurturing environment while you enjoy the worship service.

1 Year Olds

Toddler classrooms are a unique place! In the Playgroup, we integrate the truths of God’s love, with an environment of play. Enjoy the worship service while your toddler begins to explore God’s world!

Two Classes 2 Year Olds & 3 Year Olds - PreK

Small children are curious by nature. At SFC, we want to open up your preschooler’s mind to the wonder that God has created all around them. SFC's Elevate Jr. program cultivates a lifelong thirst for knowledge and a strong relationship with Christ at an early age. We use First Look curriculum, which allows children to learn by using all their senses.

Two Classes: K - 2nd Grade & 3rd - 5th Grades

Elementary-age kids are in a constant state of discovery! In Elevate, we use the 252 Basics curriculum in order to tap into their natural desire to discover. While you are enjoying the worship service, your children are discovering their own part to play in God’s Big Story!


 In Elevate Kids, we desire to be partners with parents of special needs children. Co-pilots are one-on-one volunteers that join a child with special needs in their classroom to help support that child, and make their experience in Elevate Kids the best it can possibly be! If you have a child that you think will benefit from a co-pilot, please contact our Children's Ministry Director, Ariel Myers.